Our Developments

We present some of the developments we have made and we are proud to talk about them...

We have successfully completed many projects. Some own and others of our clients, but, all contains the same ingredient, the passion that we feeling at time to writte our code. Here we present some of these projects, development all with total dedication.

You only have to select the project, to have a summary and if you want more information, you just have to click on the link below the summary. Go ahead, check out our creations !!!

Custom developments


System for HR management

SaaS solutions

WhatsApp integration

WhatsApp integrate your application so you can send and receive text messages and attachments.

Custom developments


POS System for Restaurants, with creation of personalized rooms.

SaaS solutions

API - Electronic billing

API to sign, send and validate Electronic Invoices. (Only for Costa Rica)

Mobile apps

CoRiFaCe Movil

POS mobile application. (Electronic Invoicing only for Costa Rica)

SaaS solutions

CoRiFaCe Web

POS Web Application. (Electronic Billing only for Costa Rica)

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