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Possibly the term "SaaS" (english acronym for "Software as a Service") you not heard about this or possibly know under the Spanish term "ScuS" (spanish acronym for "Software como un Servicio").

Is possibly this type of service you has been used previously, but did not know the term that we have used, which is not surprising, since many of these terms are handled at the company or technical services level. In order to illustrate these solutions, we can speak about the companies that provide content online (although in reality it does not apply exactly, but to create an idea), companies such as "Netflix y Spotify", that we must cancel a monthly payment in order to enjoy the content they offer, without the content ever belonging to us and when we stop paying, the service is suspended.

An example that if it corresponds specifically to a service of this type, are the subscriptions of companies or households to the platform of Microsoft© Office 365, which allow us to use in the cloud (internet), applications like Word© or Excel©,, among other. In addition to information storage platforms such as Onedrive© Dropbox©, Drive©.
Currently, thousands of companies around the world have made the decision to use Saas or ScuS Solutions for the benefits they offer, in which the cost of a license or subscription is less, than having to acquire, install and configure servers. In addition to the human resources required to keep these servers running, as the companies that provide "SaaS" or "ScuS" solutions, we take care that the service remains permanently active.

What are the advantages of using
a SaaS or ScuS solution?

The advantages of using a SaaS or ScuS solution are many, within these we contemplate:

  1. Operating expenses are reduced, which leads to great savings in own developments, equipment, licenses, etc.
  2. The solutions that include access to a web system are cross-platform, this due to being a cloud system (internet), is accessible from a browser, practically from any device.
  3. Solutions that are a service without a web system, only require integration with your current system.
  4. They are accessible from anywhere, provided you have internet access and a compatible device.
  5. Updates and improvements do not require your intervention.
  6. It does not require the implementation of equipment, systems or configurations, except in exceptional cases and they are minimal.

What backup on the data do we offer?

We know that your information has an invaluable cost, that is why we periodically carry out at least 3 daily backups on our databases and in specific cases, a greater number of backups are performed and the replicated databases are worked on different servers and with different providers. In the event that we are not exempt, we will try in the shortest possible time to restore our systems to their pre-failure state.

Which providers do we use?

Currently our solutions are hosted on company servers that work under the strictest security, backup, stability and online time controls. Among the service providers that we currently use we have: Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure y Google Cloud

And, what about information security?

As we have said, we know the value of your information and that your company depends on such data to continue growing. That is why we take everything related to it very seriously, using SSL certificates and, in addition, we use encryption mechanisms in sensitive data, always in favor of its security.

Do we only offer solutions with an
integrated web system?

Currently, within the SaaS or ScuS solutions, we have two ways, either by Web System, in which you must enter a user, a password and in some cases, another security mechanism, being from said system, where you can use our system. Additionally, we have other solutions that are or that can be worked integrating them into your system, without requiring our Web Systems, using an API, which allows us to integrate our solutions into your systems.

Each solution that we develop and put at your service is designed with the main purpose of facilitating your obligations and needs. Always focused on providing an alternative that really solves your problems and that these in no way become an additional burden, generating extra work from our clients and always being available for when they are required, for complete satisfaction of our reason for exist, our customers !!!

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In order to know a little more detail about our service, you can select one of the following options and observe a little more detail of our work of SaaS solutions

SaaS solutions

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WhatsApp integrate your application so you can send and receive text messages and attachments.

SaaS solutions

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API to sign, send and validate Electronic Invoices. (Only for Costa Rica)

SaaS solutions

CoRiFaCe Web

POS Web Application. (Electronic Billing only for Costa Rica)

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