Technical Support

Preventive and corrective maintenance, repairs and more!!!

The computer's is part of our day to day, whether for work, study or fun. As ordinary as we see it today, our devices require special care and even preventive maintenance (yes, the same as when you change the oil in the vehicle), but many times we omit or ignore these needs from our devices, this is when they can get to present irreparable failures.
There are also problems through operating system errors, failure of controls or installed programs, which can block or prevent us from using our equipment.
For all this, it is that we offer you a wide range of products and services at their complete disposal, which are designed to provide a first class option, in relatively short times. With delivery service available in some areas of Costa Rica.

Why does my equipment need maintenance?

Our computers, such as desktop computers, laptops, printers and many other devices, accumulate certain elements day by day that can damage them, such as:
On a physical level:
  1. Wear on mobile components, mainly printers.
  2. Wear of thermal paste from processors or certain controllers.
  3. Accumulation of dust on the components.
  4. Possible damage from other agents, such as liquids or insects.
At the software level:
  1. A lot of junk files.
  2. Download and / or installation of unwanted software such as viruses, back doors, among others.
  3. Bootable applications overload.
  4. A lot of programs that we do not use.
  5. Outdated or out-of-device drivers.
These are a small list of examples are part of the possible damages or failures that cause our devices to begin to present failures, forcing in some cases to lose valuable information, have to buy a spare part or in extreme cases, have to purchase new equipment.

Is our support service only for companies
or also for end-user?

We offer technical support service to companies, educational centers, SMEs, end-users or anyone who requires them. For each sector, we have different options that we study and offer, according to the needs that we can identify in each particular case.

How long does it take to receive the support
and how long to solve the problem?

The time specified in each specific case, since if we have immediate availability and it is within our coverage area, we will coordinate a visit the same day. We can also take your equipment to various places that we have enabled to receive them and provide the necessary support.
In cases where there is a previous technical support contract, the maximum time will be that stipulated in each particular case.

What areas offer home service?

We currently offer home service only in Costa Rica, properly in the following areas:
Province of Alajuela:

  1. Alajuela Centro
  2. San José
  3. La Garita
  4. Carrillos
  5. El Roble
  6. La Guacima
  7. Poás
  8. Coyol
  9. Plywood
  10. Tuetal Sur
Province of San José:
  1. Rohrmoser
  2. Pavas
If the place where you live or have your company is not on our list, we invite you to contact us using the form at the bottom of the page and soon we will be contacting you and indicating the availability of the service in your area.

Do you have service packages available?

Yes, we do have packages available, which we will soon publish for your convenience, both in-home support and remotely.

In a world that everyday is more and more connected, that we are increasingly dependent on the Internet, where it is becoming more and more essential to be online, to be connected, do not neglect to give preventive maintenance to your computer tools. It is extremely important that we do not neglect and do not wait until the last minute.
If you need urgent support, you can contact us through the contact form and one of our representatives will contact you shortly.

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