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We love challenges and although they may seem difficult or almost impossible, we will do it well and we will make it easy. Without hesitation for a second, we will take them very seriously, analyzing every requirement, every detail and always looking for deliver a solution that exceeds your expectations. We are not going to deliver a system or an application, we give our best and most importantly, a solution to your needs.

What types of developments do we carry out?

Our specialty is cloud services, but we carry out all kinds of custom development. Although this requires consulting old manuals or learning new technologies or programming languages. We can develop applications in the cloud (internet or intranet), desktop applications, integrations between systems (as long as they allow it), among many other developments.

In which languages do we develop more regularly?

Currently, since we are focused on developments in the cloud, we constantly work with Node Js and PHP, however, we also develop in Java, ASP.Net with c #, Phyton. In addition to desktop applications, we also develop Java, .Net c #, among others.
Regarding Databases, we work with Oracle© Databases, MS SQL©, MySQL©, MongoDB, Cassandra, among other.
We insist, if you do not see the language required here, we can talk and in some way, we try to solve it.

A small abstract about what we have developed ...

In the time that we have, under the custom development service, we have made quite a few developments, such as:
1. ETL system, which should initially receive 5 files in .CSV format and later download the information through an API and generate multiple validation processes, cross-checking and data adjustments and generate files in Excel .XLS format. On average there were about 10,000 daily records among all the files, with certain dates that doubled or tripled the amounts. This development was at the request of the SANSA company.
2. Payroll systems, production control, invoicing, inventory control, among others, for our clients "Grupo Concretero Bernardo Castro".
3. Internal processes of reading emails and processing of electronic invoice .XML files, for our dear Avantec Pymes customers.
4. Base POS system for restaurants, with hall management, including the functions of creating, viewing, editing and deleting halls, including an interface that allows to visually accommodate the halls and their elements. This development also for our friends at Avantec Pymes.
5. Management system of the HR department and legal assistance, with control of companies, collaborators, disciplinary procedures, requests and approvals of vacations and permits, psychometric tests, among many other functions, for the company Varela Asesores.
Among other developments!!!

about the service costs?

Due to the characteristics of a custom development, we cannot establish a defined cost, since it can be an adjustment to an existing system, a new module or functionality, or a complete development. This make that we can't speak here about of specify amounts.
That we can say is that this service is possible be defined the amount per hour of work or per complete job.
We adapt to the way that best suits your needs.

On CR Developers , we are eager to know your projects, study them, make a proposal and from that this time, we can start a professional relationship based on trust, teamwork and always with the target of achieving that at the end of the project, we not hope that only get to see us as suppliers, but as friends, that we can establish close ties of friendship. We wait for you !!!

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Custom developments


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Custom developments


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