About us

We love your interest in knowing more about us

The reason for our existence...

Our story begins in 2010, at that time we work at a Computing Institute. Several people began to ask us if we developed Websites or applications, but this activity that we did not exercise. After the constant inquiries of these people, we decided to venture into this area and started with the first developments of websites. Sometime later we started to develop desktop applications, cloud applications and mobile applications.

In these 10 years of experience, we have developed many projects for our clients, from trans-national companies such as Servicios Aereos Nacionales S.A. - SANSA, which belonged to AVIANCA, but we also does multiple developments to SMEs and Micro companies, providing all our clients with care with the same delivery in all our projects.

Our greatest pride is our origin

We're 100% Costa Rican company. We're very proud that all our co-workers are top-level talent and constantly do training and learning. Our central offices are located in the Central canton of the beautiful province of Alajuela, but our collaborators work from the place that them want, because that our work is remote and focused on the achievement of goals, in constant virtual meetings between all, to seek that we all work focused on the same objective.

What is our secret?

We love what we do and we do it well

In each of our projects, we capture all our experience towards meeting the requirements of each of our customers and meet their needs.

"Our greatest satisfaction is to exceed the expectations of our customers"

Our Mission

Provide IT solutions and software to our clients, that their daily tasks can be done in a easy way and their projects or ideas can be materialize in the accurate way.

Our vision

Provide IT solutions and the best software to our clients that simplify their day to day, to have more time to enjoy

Our goals:

1. Emphasize our best effort in each delivery to our clients.

2. Provide the best quality in all our products and services.

3. Fully meet our goals.

4. Work as a team, taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise that each one has.

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