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On CR Developers, we have a lot of services that we offer at your disposable, always focused on providing you with a unique experience. We love listening to our clients, who in reality we seek to see ourselves as friends, seeking to support each other, listening attentively, offering solutions and developing them in the best way, seeking from us the best way to provide a unique experience in each of our deliveries...

Do you have an idea
or need development?

Great! You are in the right place and you already found what you needed, let us show you that we don't say it just to say it.
On CR Developers, we are eager to hear about your idea, your project or your need and we will do our best to find the best way to start your project and carry it out successfully.
Oops, we almost forgot, with us worrying about telling us your idea is not a problem, because if necessary we sign a confidentiality agreement, this to provide protection to your idea, that we will not comment on anything until it is time to do so.

How do we meet?

We prefer the warmth of a face-to-face meeting, where we can shake your hand, where we can share a delicious coffee, Although sometimes due to the distance or the issues that escape from our hands, it is better to have a video conference, without this meaning that it is less serious, on the contrary, we focus on being equally attentive and with the same attention, pending pending at some point to meet for a delicious coffee and talk about politics, football, the weather or the beauties of our country.

Are all services available?

All the services that you can see in our catalog are available.
The only existing exception is the services that require personal assistance, which are provided only in our beautiful country Costa Rica and even subject to certain availability zones. These limitations are, for example, Network implementation services and on-site technical support..
But we can provide development services, programming, among others, anywhere in the world.

Let's talk about the payments?

On CR Developers We first think about providing quality care, first-class service and our best effort. That is why the last thing we talk about is payments for our services.
We have various means of payment, such as PayPal© o Payoneer©, which are available globally. For those who live under the beautiful sky of Costa Rica, we also have our bank accounts enabled and payment can be made by deposit or bank transfer.
At the time of signing the contract, we always establish an initial amount to start our development, the rest is paid as agreed, either against deliveries in percentages that are convenient for both parties.
We always try to provide the greatest flexibility to our clients, so that our services are accessible and easy to acquire.
In the case of SaaS services, given the modality that they handle, if we require payment in advance, pending the next billing, the possible amounts for excess consumption, in the cases that are included or are necessary and approved by our clients.


With a history of more than 10 years, we have the fast services for you.

Custom developments

Tell us what you need and we will provide needs exact solutions.

SaaS solutions

We have multiple services to under SaaS contract and we offer best support.

Mobile apps

We develop your mobile apps, with the best current practices.

Web development & SEO

We take care of creating your website, optimized for optimal search engine positioning

Networks and Servers

We install, configure, optimize your networks and servers.

Technical support

Problems with your computer? Let us help you. We have delivery service (only C.R.)

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