POS System for Restaurants, with creation of personalized rooms.

In CR Developers, we love working with everyone, making allies and partners, but above all, creating friends.

That is why with our friends from Avances Tecnológicos – Avantec, we have created a perfect business relationship and a strong alliance. Avances Tecnológicos – Avantec offers excellent electronic invoicing products, with very high standards of quality, customer service and support. That is why we dare to recommend them to our clients.

The last project that we development out for our allies, we called it with the code name of RestApp, this is the base for a POS system for restaurants. Ours friends required a restaurant hall system. The users of RestApp can create their list of rooms and visually, modify them easily and simply, facilitate its users to manipulate and create lounges in a more friendly way, which represents greater ease of use for waiters and cashiers.

Honoring the business alliance with our friends from Avances Tecnológicos – Avantec, in CR Developers will not offer a POS system for restaurants, as long as this alliance remains in force, which we do not believe will end due to any circumstance.

Some of the options that RestApp has:


Creation of halls by restaurant and by branch (only if the restaurant have several subsidiary).

Activation and deactivation of halls.

Easy creation of restaurant halls, move, resize and rotate the elements that contain the halls, stories such as tables, boxes, chairs and other decorations.

Add new images for functional elements (tables, chairs, boxes) or decorations to the system menu, in an easy way.

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