WhatsApp integration

WhatsApp integrate your application so you can send and receive text messages and attachments.

Due to the current emergency that we are going through due to the Covid-19 Virus, this solution will find facilities in terms of payments and discounts for our clients, in order to facilitate teleworking for all possible people.

One of the tools we have for our business is communication through the application. WhatsApp® (Trademark of Facebook Inc.). Most companies found limits on the possibilities of this tool, because the limit of this tool permit the use only on a mobile device and in a web or desktop application.

This is the motivation that we have developed a tool to our customers can be use the WhatsApp® application through an API or Web System that we have available, which easily allows our customers to send and receive travel messages, with multiple simultaneous sessions, multiple people can reply and send messages immediately, and even as an extra function they can be programmed in your system or in our system to send in specify date and time.

The system has a list of received, filed, historical and other additional options, all developed for the benefit of your company and place it at the vanguard.

It also allows to administer and manage groups in the system.


Send and receive text-only messages and multimedia content (videos, images, audio) (WhatsApp® size and format limits apply).

Validation of telephone numbers according to their length.

Creation and management of WhatsApp groups.

Allows use through our online system or an API.

Allows the sending of up to 5,000 messages per hour.

Updates the status of the messages (delivered and viewed).

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