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POS Web Application. (Electronic Billing only for Costa Rica)

After analyzing the current market situation regarding to Point of Sales (POS), which we know is overloaded systems for the same purpose, the multiple stages, we have identified the shortcomings and weaknesses, this at the level of use, support, ability of the sales process and many other limitations extra, which make current systems, it ends up being an additional burden for businesses, but now with CR Developers, all this is the past.

Coming soon to the market, a system that is agile, easy to use, has continuous support, but above all, facilitates the workflows of your company, with the unique purpose that CR Developers, we are not just a supplier and you have to feel that we are really a strategic ally to you and your company, we who seek to provide not only a system, we offer you complete solution.

When we are ready for release, we will be publishing the complete information about our system, functions, features and more.

Stay tuned…

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