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POS mobile application. (Electronic Invoicing only for Costa Rica)

In the current market, it is not a general rule that all merchants are companies with a fixed location where they serve or receive their customers, such as supermarkets, hardware stores and many others. Currently, there are also independent merchants, professionals, SMEs, among many other current types. They all have the same requirement: have a system that allows them to issue invoices, but it is not feasible for everyone to have access to a computer, be it desktop or laptop; These electronic equipment, apart from representing a high purchase expense, which in some cases is only used for invoicing, they take up space, generate support and equipment maintenance costs, without considering the risk of being theft or losing the equipment.

We are in final tests to launch our mobile electronic invoicing application, which is designed and developed with the highest and strictest quality standards.. In it our clients will be able to carry out the processes in a simple way and make queries in real time, all from their mobile phone, without incurring greater expenses, unless they want or require more devices, which can be computers (web system), tablets or cell phones.

When we are ready for release, we will be publishing the complete information about our system, functions, features and more.

Stay tuned…

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